Ajax Visual Effects - Creating Extraordinary Experiences

Founded with a small team of energetic and enthusiastic professionals, Ajax VFX is now growing to become an emerging player in the field of visual effects. With a fully equipped state of the art VFX facility, we have successfully been able to complete projects in feature films and commercial advertisements. We have established ourselves as an acclaimed visual effects studio in the short span of time and our feature film portfolio includes several Kollywood movies (Tamil movie industry), and our creative VFX work has been appreciated by the industry earning us several awards. Through our steady growth, Ajax VFX studio has emerged as one of the best visual effects company for television or film productions.

Our VFX solution covers the entire post production requirements from active on-set visual effects to immersive digital sets, digital matte painting, high end feature 3D animation and effects. At Ajax, we have state of the art systems, a large dedicated render studio which is expanding very fast, high capacity storage, off-site backup with high-speed FTP.

We are proud to have one of the best visual effects and animation teams in India that includes some of the best motion design, 3D and compositing artists who can create images for any platform.




Visual Effects

Ajax is a full-service 3D animation and visual effects studio with a fully equipped state of the art VFX facility in Chennai, India. Our VFX studio covers the entire post production requirements from active on-set visual effects to immersive digital sets, digital matte painting,computer-generated characters, digital crowds, and high end feature 3D animation and effects. In addition, we generate Visual Effects such as Rotoscope and matte cutting, Crowd Multiplication, Stereoscopic 3D Conversion, 3D Asset Building & Texturing, Compositing, Opening Title Animation, etc.

Our technical experts have rich experience in the latest cutting-edge software such as Maya, 3D Equalizer, After Effects, and Fusion. We create state of the art visual imagery for movies, television content, feature animated films, high quality visual effects for live films, advertisements and other short-form media.



Lighting & 3D SFX

Ajax Media is one of the best 3D Special Effects studios in India creating high quality productions. Ajax houses some of the top-notch sound engineers and state of the art facilities to maximize the visual impact and makes the sound come alive. We offer lighting & 3D Special Effects for movies, television shows, TV commercials, character animation, video games, music, live performance, and other media.

Our sound engineers are capable of generating astonishing Special audio effects, equalization, flanger, pitch shift, time stretching, robotic voice effects, synthesizer, and more. Ajax utilizes high-performing tools to design sound for movies, feature films, television shows, web videos, corporate videos, documentaries, and more.



Rigging & 3D Animation

Ajax houses an innovative character animation studio that specialises in 3D rigging and animation. 3D character rigging is the essential part of animation which assigns joints and bones to your character in order to make it move.

Ajax VFX studio, with expert 3D rigging designers, offers 3D character rigging and animation that bring life to your characters. Our 3D animators have generated 3D rigging and animation for games, feature films, movies, TV series, and advertisements of industries and corporates.



Pre Visualization (Previz)

In recent years, previsualization (Previz) has become a necessary step for movie makers and game makers which saves them a lot of time and money.

With our comprehensive 3D animation software and Previz toolsets, Ajax has become one of the industry leaders in previsualization for visual effects (VFX) film production. We offer avatar animations and voice lip-sync solutions for previsualization purpose of storytellers and filmmakers.



Motion Tracking

Ajax offers Motion Tracking services to create amazing visual effects for films and games. We use state of the art motion tracking software and tools to generate real-time visualization.

Computer Graphics , CGI Animation & Multimedia Content






Corporate Presentations

Television Content

3D Asset Building & Texturing


Opening Title Animation

Wire Removal and Colour Corrections

Rotoscope and matte cutting

Crowd Multiplication

Stereoscopic 3D Conversion etc.