Ajax Media Tech specializes in enterprise consulting, infrastructure consulting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) consulting for small and medium enterprises, private and public sector organizations. Our ERP software systems help you integrate all facets of your business operations including product planning and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing.

Ajax provides open ERP software solutions to SME besides helping in the implementation process. Our ERP systems are fully customised to the clients requirements. In addition, we offer IT strategy, business process reengineering, ERP staffing, sales assessments, GL, AR, AP implementation, project management oversight and expert witness testimony.



Accounting ERP Systems

Ajax specialises in providing accounting ERP systems including financial accounting and management accounting. Ajax financial accounting ERP system integrates general ledger, payables and receivables, vouchering, matching and payment, fixed asset, cash application, collections, cash management, and financial consolidation. In addition, we develop ERP system for management accounting with accounting ERP modules such as costing, budgeting, cost management, and activity based costing.



Project Management ERP Systems

Ajax Media tech is one of the leading companies in India offering project management ERP systems. We provide most productive and intelligent ERP solutions for effective project management. Our project management ERP system makes it easy to manage and account projects with complete project management modules such as project planning, administration, project costing, resource planning, work breakdown, project tracking, time and expense, billing, performance units and activity management.



Human Resources ERP Systems

With extensive knowledge in ERP system consultation, Ajax offers state-of-the art ERP systems for Human Resource (HR) applications. Our Human Resource ERP systems includes modules such as recruiting, rostering, payroll, training, diversity management, retirement and more.



Purchasing ERP Systems

Ajax guarantees to provide a holistic solution for purchasing ERP requirements. We offer comprehensive purchasing ERP software that integrates purchase, tracking purchase orders (PO), PO logs, product catalog, customer back order, vendor lists, price change report, etc.