Digital Marketing

Website Promotion

A website showcases the business. Bringing in a lot of traffic into your website helps in recognizing your prospects. Addressing the prospects with your services paves the way to build a customer base. Any organization considers this as a climber to succeed and get good returns.

Let the world know more about your products and services through Ajax. Be it a small or big business, we take the leverage.

But how would the business be noted by the people who are in need of the relevant services?

Ajax Media caters the following to websites.

  • Web Designing
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Promotion and Branding



Apps Promotion

The days when man woke up as the rooster says cock-a-doodle-do is gone. Man has stepped into an era in which he has a mobile application for everything right from his morning alarm through his GPS and until his reminders.

In the recent years, many organizations have started to work on mobile applications. It results in a big bang with bucks out of your investment. Many companies would have created crazy apps and incredible uses out of it.

These app being worked on for many days may not get good reach among the native users. We take the right app to the right users. We do not restrict to android apps alone; we promote IOS apps also. Reach out to us for more downloads of your apps and drastic increase in rate of returns.

  • To bring in new prospects
  • To convert your existing prospects into valued customers
  • To approach the existing customers as partners


Movie Promotion

The success of a quality movie not only depends on the concept but also on the number of fans. At times, an actor should be versatile enough so that he would have number of fans. But what takes the actor, his character in the movie, the movie and songs to the fans?

Bridge the gap between your fan base and upcoming movies with Ajax Media Tech. The firm has been actively involving in promoting films across the web. From the first-look through the post production, release and beyond, we take charge of delivering ‘hot from the oven updates’ on movies to the audience. We are responsible for your reach.

With movie promotion, Ajax have been offering the following services.                                  

  • Digital Media Property Management - ‘We take the responsibility to manage your digital media assets’
  • Social Media Marketing - ‘We take the cool and happening updates of your movie to the audience through Facebook, YouTube and Twitter’
  • Digital Media Marketing - ‘We have been helping several movies to grab the attention of audience across the Digital Platform’
  • Digital Advertising Management - ‘’We promote your movies through paid ads and campaigns amidst the web podium”


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