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VFX- Supervisor- International - VFX-International

Minimum of 5+ years VFX post-production experience, this must be recent.Excellent understanding of composition, light and color with strong attention to detail.Understanding the entire production process and approving the work of all crew on the show.Briefing entire crew on director’s creative vision and enable artists to produce desired results. Coordinating the management of a show and project schedules in collaboration with a VFX Producer to ensure that work is delivered to deadlines

VFX Producer- International - VFX-International

Extensive experience in Production/operational environments: VFX/Digital knowledge essential
Must be able to work independently and communicate effectively in a fast-paced environment
Ability to build up rapport and strong relationships with International clients and staff
Attention to detail and constantly looking for ways to improve operational efficiencies within a business environment.

Colorist - VFX

You should be a team player , able to listen ,communicate and work with tons of different people. Should have used special color correcting consoles .capable of handling pressure and timely deliverables.

Sound -Engineer - sound

Shape the sound of an album,Record, edit, mix sound through their choice of microphones, setting levels and sound manipulation techniques. Working in specialized sound studios to projected pictures.
Researching and tracking down specific sounds.
Have excellent knowledge of acoustics.
Have good experience of sound recording and audio post production processes
Be able to manipulate and work sound for the moving image
Have excellent listening skills and visual skills.

Vfx -Supervisor -Domestic - VFX

Overall in charge of the look and implementation of the shots. Will be on set to make sure that things are shot correctly. Will be the one to talk to the clients about what is needed. He will be often with a client , who works on the entire film and oversees the whole thing. VFX Sup will really deal with the director for prompt deliverables.

AM- Sales - VFX

AM- Sales - Will be the key person who will accelerate proper leads to Sales Manager, study the market intelligence, tapping the right client and following up with existing clients . He will report and work on supervision of the Sales Manager. He will be the spoc who will connect fresh leads ,clients to the Sales Manager. He should have fair understanding of standards and commercials that will suit the mutual benefit of the clients and the organisation